About Us


To empower healthcare providers with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to protect their communities from vaccine preventable disease


To establish designated “vaccine centers of excellence” globally to improve public education and access to life saving vaccinations


To identify and address barriers for frontline healthcare professionals in the recommendation and administration of vaccinations for their patients. Create and deliver robust educational programs across many mediums to inspire confidence and practice change. Create and disseminate adaptable workflow changes to existing healthcare access points to facilitate delivery of community vaccination programs. Improve public awareness, confidence, and access to recommended vaccinations based on individual age and medical risk factors.


  1. Appreciate the Burden of Vaccine Preventable Disease – We appreciate the currency of disease prevention – which holds tremendous value when considering the life changing morbidity of vaccine preventable diseases

  2. Recognize the value of frontline health care providers – We recognize the value of Frontline Healthcare providers in providing both access and information about vaccine preventable diseases

  3. We Build Healthier Communities – A healthy community is one which is protected against vaccine preventable disease risk. We value the ability to provide information and access to vaccinations locally, nationally, and globally