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June 2023 COVID-19 Treatment Update

The new eligibility criteria for access to Paxlovid has now been posted on the BCCDC website
Clinical Practice Guide for the Use of Therapeutics in Mild-Moderate COVID-19 (

These new guidelines are simple to understand, the criteria is better aligned to other Canadian provinces, and the guidance better reflects current evidence.

Previous vs. New:

1. Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) 1, 2 and 3

  • No change
  • All patients remain eligible regardless of age, vaccination status or previous infection

2. Vaccination Status/Comorbid Conditions and Age-simplified aligns to NACI for vaccination status



Individuals with TWO of the THREE following risk factors are eligible for Paxlovid

  • ≥70 years (≥ 60 years if Indigenous), AND/OR
  • Unvaccinated or under-vaccinated as per Strong Recommendations by NACI*, AND/OR
  • Have a serious chronic medical condition (e.g. heart disease, chronic lung disease,
    Diabetes etc. (some discretion can be used)

* ^ National Advisory Committee on Immunization: i.e., lack of a primary two-dose series PLUS a “Fall Booster” (or a booster in the last year), which may be delayed up to 6 months post COVID-19 infection

3. Long Term Care

Paxlovid may be considered in patients who reside in LTC facilities

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