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Featured Speakers in this episode

Dr. Jia Hu is a family physician and public health and preventive medicine specialist. He is currently the CEO of 19 To Zero, a not-for-profit focused on public health behaviour change such as increasing vaccination rates or cancer screening rates. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary and a medical director with Cleveland Clinic Canada where he advises large companies on health and wellness topics ranging from pandemic preparedness to mental health and preventative health.

Ali Oonwala is a seasoned healthcare executive with a remarkable career spanning over 20 years in both the healthcare and retail industries. With am impressive track record of success in executive leadership, mergers, and acquisitions, Ali has consistently demonstrated his prowess in driving strategic initiatives, corporate development, start-ups, and transformational endeavors. His strong leadership abilities are underscored by his talent for assembling and nurturing high-performing teams that deliver exceptional results.

Dr. Fairuz Siraj is a 2019 doctor of pharmacy graduate from the University of British Columbia. Now a certified diabetes educator and staff pharmacist at Pharmasave in Victoria BC, Fairuz empowers patients through personalized diabetes and migraine consultation services. He’s a recipient of the 2021 BC Pharmacy Association New Practitioner Award and the 2022 Pharmacy Practice and Business Rising Star Award. Collaborating with organizations like Migraine Canada and local healthcare professionals, he is dedicated to enhancing patient outcomes in chronic disease management. Fairuz also enjoys teaching and is committed to advancing the pharmacy profession’s impact on patient care.

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