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Featured Speakers in this episode

Dr. Jia Hu is a family physician and public health and preventive medicine specialist. He is currently the CEO of 19 To Zero, a not-for-profit focused on public health behaviour change such as increasing vaccination rates or cancer screening rates. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary and a medical director with Cleveland Clinic Canada where he advises large companies on health and wellness topics ranging from pandemic preparedness to mental health and preventative health.

Ajit has been providing immunizations and clinical education since 2012. As a community pharmacist, he is an accessible provider of immunizations to patients in the community. In 2018, he started an organization called with a mission statement of “taking our best shot at immunizing the world”. Through “,” he has worked with numerous organizations and communities to address “vaccine hesitancy” and improve vaccine access locally, nationally, and globally. He champions community pharmacists as leaders of immunization services and presents on this topic at a national and global level. Ajit is also a clinical assistant professor for the University of British Columbia Faculty of Sciences program. At UBC, he has coordinated an elective course for UBC pharmacy students in travel health and immunizations.

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