Improving Access to COVID-19 Treatment for vulnerable populations living in LTC: an integrated operational approach

Did you know that during the Pandemic, residents residing in Long-term care (LTC) facilities suffered disproportionately from severe outcomes of COVID-19? While prioritized for vaccination, an additional layer of defence exists in antiviral treatment, which can effectively reduce severe disease and hospitalization for high-risk patients. 

Please watch this short explainer video from Clinical Director Ajit Johal describing this important Quality Improvement project to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in LTC settings and how you can access tools and resources to support your facility.  

Tools and resources were developed by the study team as part of this quality improvement project to support the implementation of COVID-19 treatment protocols within the long-term care setting. 

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Paxlovid: What patients and their families need to know

BC Center for Disease Control Patient Information Resource

Paxlovid FAQs

BC Center for Disease Control resource for answers to common questions

VCE Care plan for Paxlovid

Downloadable care plan template created for long term care facilities to adapt and use for Paxlovid

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Next Steps

Step 1

Share this free resource page with your staff to increase education and awareness of COVID-19 treatments available to residents

Step 2

Provide residents the following resource to help them make a decision as to whether they want to proceed with treatment in the event of testing positive for COVID-19

Step 3

For those who consent to treatment either ahead of time, or at time of infection, the care plan template can be used by staff to inform next steps.