National Pharmacy Student Scholarship Program

“Support pharmacy students who are interested in becoming vaccine experts in their communities”

What is the National Pharmacy Student Scholarship Program?

This scholarship program was created to support pharmacy students who are interested in becoming vaccine experts in their communities. Our goal is to provide students opportunities to learn more from practicing vaccine experts and attend the Canadian Immunization Conference (CIC) in Ottawa in November 2024. We want to help facilitate networking, mentorship and education in the speciality of immunizations.

The scholarship will provide:

  • Ongoing mentorship in the field of immunizations
  • Flights, accommodations, meals and registration paid for CIC 2024 in Ottawa

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Open to all pharmacy students in Canada, regardless of their year of study.
  2. Demonstrated interest in becoming a vaccination expert and providing comprehensive vaccination services in the future as a practicing pharmacist
  3. Applicants should have a genuine desire for mentorship and a commitment to attend the conference.

Selection Criteria

  1. Selection will be based on the personal statements; the student’s passion for immunizations and potential to benefit from the mentorship and conference experience.
  2. We aim to identify students who demonstrate a commitment to a career as a vaccination expert as a pharmacist and will mentor students and peers in the future
  3. We have 2 scholarships to award for 2024


  1. Selected students will be attending CIC 2024 with us. Details on conference are here:
  2. At the conference, we will have opportunities to meet other pharmacists, healthcare professionals and industry experts who specialize in immunizations and get an opportunity to learn from them and their work. 
  3. We will have a group dinner at the end to discuss what we have learned and further opportunities to explore while in school and in our careers

Application Process

  1. Complete application using link below
  2. We will contact scholarship recipients in May 2024 for next steps