Past Events

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Vaccine Center of Excellence Virtual Workshop: BC

BC pharmacist and VCE clinical lead Ajit Johal discusses the expanded “schedule 2” immunization scope of practice available to pharmacists in British Columbia. Learn to recognize “opportunities” to discuss immunizations at common community pharmacy patient encounters. Get an in-depth tutorial on how to successfully dispense, administer and document recommended immunizations as per the BC College of Pharmacists.

Vaccine Center of Excellence Virtual Workshop: Alberta

Join Alberta pharmacist and immunization expert Carlene Oleksyn on how to make vaccinations part of your day-to-day practice. Carlene brings her extensive real-world experience on how to build and execute a successful pharmacy-based immunization practice. This is even more pertinent given the fact that Alberta pharmacists have the greatest scope of practice in the country!

Vaccine Center of Excellence Virtual Workshop: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Join prominent pharmacist and vaccine educator Parag Trivedi on a review of the immunization landscape in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Paraag brings elements of the “human” conversational element, critical to educating patients about the value of vaccinations.

Vaccine Center of Excellence Virtual Workshop: Ontario

Join pharmacist Tiana Tilli for a comprehensive overview of the immunization landscape in Ontario. Despite a more “restricted scope of practice” compared to other parts of the country, there are still countless opportunities to protect patients against vaccine preventable diseases. Learn how Ontario pharmacists can take a prominent screening and consultative role in addressing the immunization gaps they see in their community.

Vaccine Center of Excellence Virtual Workshop: Atlantic

Join pharmacist Michelle Stewart for a lesson in how being able to protect patients from vaccine preventable diseases is a privilege and standard of care. With an expansive immunization scope in the Atlantic provinces, there is considerable opportunity for pharmacists to address immunization gaps!

VCE Virtual Workshop: BC

Speaker: Ajit Johal

VCE Virtual Workshop: Alberta

Speaker: Carlene Oleksyn

VCE Virtual Workshop: Sask and Man

Speaker: Paraag Trivedi

VCE Virtual Workshop: Ontario

Speaker: Tiana Tilli

VCE Virtual Workshop: Atlantic

Speaker: Michelle Stewart

Session Learning Objectives

Session Description

We are concurrently driving awareness amongst employer and patient groups and community pharmacies about critical immunization gaps pertaining to the following recommended unfounded vaccines

Influenza (Enhanced options for older adults, and non-egg-based vaccinations)
Shingrix (50+ and IC)
Pneumococcal (50+ and IC)
Meningitis B (adolescents, university students)
HPV (males and females not vaccinated in the routine program).

The goal being to encourage partnerships between employers and knowledgeable pharmacy locations to provide the above vaccinations to employees either onsite or in the community.

These sessions provide strategic clinical updates, but also have the innovative twist of facilitating potential patient acquisition for pharmacists who are going to invest the time to become experts at addressing these important immunization gaps in their respective communities!

Session Format

Each event features the experience of a regional pharmacist immunization expert and is moderated by the VCE team.

Please express your interest in evolving your pharmacy practice by registering here for the Vaccine Center of Excellence initiative

We are reaching out to you to see if you and your pharmacy team are interested in enrolling in the vaccine center of excellence program. The program seeks to provide training, resources and workflow strategies to support the delivery of robust vaccination programs at your community pharmacy location. Upon successful completion of the program your pharmacy location will be designated as a “vaccine center of excellence”. As an established center, your pharmacy will be marketed to workplace vaccination programs as a site to receive recommended vaccinations for eligible employees.