Vaccine Center of Excellence Virtual Workshop: Saskatchewan and Manitoba

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Paraag Trivedi


Paraag Trivedi is a Clinical Pharmacist and the Pharmacy Manager at Innomar Pharmacy in Regina. He graduated with a BSP Degree from the University of Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy and Nutrition in 2016. During his time as a student in the College of Pharmacy he served as the Finance Officer on the National Council of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns.

Since graduating, he has proudly served as a Pharmacist in his hometown of Regina. He frequently presents to healthcare providers, to residents of retirement and assisted living communities, and has been featured as a national panelist on a variety of pharmacy topics, quickly becoming a trusted source of information amongst his patients and colleagues.

Paraag is a published research author and is actively involved in training the next generation of Pharmacists, lecturing, and serving as a skills instructor at the U of S, as well as being an active preceptor. He prides himself as being an advocate both for the profession and his patients. For his dedication to these causes, he was awarded with the New Horizon Award by the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan in 2021.

Place of Practice:

Innomar Pharmacy, Regina


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I am a relatively new graduate- Saskatchewan Pharmacists enjoy a vast expanded scope of practice, and the pharmacist being a essential and many times almost primary care provider intrigued me early on in my pharmacy school years. Entering into practice the repeated advice I got and now give, is that you need to build a great relationship with your patients. Being that point of access is very important to me, and you can see the difference it makes for patients. With Vaccines especially, a quick consult shows a number of great things- your patients will see you are invested in their care, and they will have the tools to make a decision now and in the future, you are practicing to the full scope of your training and education, and you are positively contributing to health outcomes Not only does it build that relationship with the patient, but a good experience will mean that patient tells their friends, family etc, and you build on that longstanding connection that pharmacy has with the community.

SO MANY! On consults for any new start for a chronic med, the obvious (ie asthma, COPD diabetes, HTN, immunocomprimised, 50+) the sometimes overlooked (social issues, those with substance use disorders, those with economic challenges, often the more vulnerable). Even if I am giving a flu shot, I am taking the time (even if its just while I draw up a vaccine, swab, inject etc) to not only educate about what the patient is getting at that moment, but what they can do to protect themselselves. In my current role, we have patients starting on biologic meds, which have immunosuppressive effects. Any new start I consult hears about options to protect themselves.

SK has a short course that allows us to prescribe and immunize low risk patients. Anything higher risk (ie immune suppressed) patients get a referral. I have a google doc that I can just enter patient info, fax and get a doc to sign off on.

Sometimes it’s detailed, sometimes it’s quick. You just need to learn how to read people. I find you will get more if you give patients information but allow them to decide for themselves. You provide clear concise information, the benefits (ie the cost of a pneu or shingles vaccine) vs the burden of illness. Often a single or series of vaccines may run into a few hundred dollars, in those with no coverage, but compare this to the horrifying effects vaccine preventable illness cause.

As much as I’d love to get 100% uptake, there are a lot of reasons people may say no- cost, skeptism, hesitancy, the list goes on and on, but don’t let that shake you. No doors close, just plant that seed and keep having the discussion with patients. Be the trusted source, even if you budge the needle a little, it will move. Slow progress is still progress!

It is much easier than people realize, and just like any minor ailment, or anything in life, once you get your process down, you won’t believe how quick it is 😊