Pharmacist Initiated Vaccination for RSV

  • The following case study in British Columbia illustrates the impact of expanded pharmacists’ scope on driving the uptake of recently approved recommended unfunded vaccines for eligible patient populations
  • Proactive discussions with patients before vaccine approval
  • Administration of doses to eligible patients as soon as they become available
  • Support innovative vaccine delivery models in the workplace
  • The importance of the pharmacists’ ability to independently assess and administer all recommended vaccines

2023 Highlights

  • Implementation of workplace adult vaccination programs for HPV, Shingles, Pneumococcal Disease, and RSV
  • Expansion of the VCE network to over 500 pharmacists across Canada
  • Successful launch of our Vaccine Center of Excellence Online learning program in 2023
  • Completion of a National Pharmacy Student Education Program presented at IDWeek23 in Boston, USA and World Vaccine Congress Europe in Barcelona, Spain
  • Donation to global immunization efforts, supporting cold-chain infrastructure for Nigeria’s inaugural HPV vaccination campaign for adolescent girls in Oct 2023

2023 VCE Pharmacy Student Education Program

  • In Canadian pharmacy practice, student pharmacists play a pivotal role in community immunization campaigns
  • We hosted a live educational program to pharmacy students in 7 faculties of pharmacies across Canada
  • Expert speakers working in each province were brought in to share their expertise and best practices with students in their respective provinces
  • Results from the program were presented at IDWeek23 in Boston, USA and World Vaccine Congress Europe in Barcelona, Spain
  • In 2024, we will continue to support students interested in becoming vaccine experts by launching a student scholarship program aimed at providing students with ongoing mentorship and opportunities to attend important conferences related to vaccinations and infectious diseases

Interdisciplinary Healthcare Provider and Patient Advocate Working Group Meeting Summary

  • The goal of this working group was to bring together patients and healthcare professionals from infectious disease, transplant, primary care, and pharmacy to reflect on the COVID-19 experience for high-risk patient groups
  • Discussion around impact of COVID-19 on immunocompromised patients
  • Application of implementation science to protect high-risk patient groups from communicable respiratory diseases 
  • Exploration of patient journey and all the key stakeholders involved in facilitating access to care
  • Participants came together to identify pain points in patient journey and brainstorm examples of solutions that could potentially improve the patient journey and facilitate access to care