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Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence: A new learning course for pharmacists on COVID-19 treatment.

Discover a new revolutionary AI-powered learning course on COVID-19 treatment featuring pharmacy experts Christina Kolios (Sask), Paraag Trivedi (Sask) and Ajit Johal (BC). This interactive learning program is the first of its kind! Featuring generative AI to simulate patient case scenarios and disseminate expert knowledge. Learning is focused on leveraging tools and resources to emphasize implementation and improve patient outcomes.

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1. Understand Patient eligibility for COVID-19 treatment in Saskatchewan based on the provincial eligibility criteria

Focus on patients in your practice who are eligible for both pharmacists initiated COVID-19 treatment and SMAP assessments.

Integrate discussions about COVID-19 treatment with the reimbursable SMAP service for high risk patients

2. Identify and manage common objections from patients around COVID-19 treatment

You will hear from our experts on how they would respond to patient questions/concerns about COVID-19 treatment !