Vaccine Education


  • Appreciate the recommended vaccinations across a patient’s “lifespan” (pediatric, adolescent, young adult, adult, and older adult)
  • Recognize specific medical conditions and/or concomitant medications which increase the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases
  • Demonstrate understanding of vaccine scheduling, spacing, coadministration and how to manage “missed doses”
  • Appreciate the “technical aspects” of vaccine administration, specifically accurate landmarking, needle size selection and cold chain management
  • Recognize the differences in clinical presentation between anaphylaxis and vasovagal reactions and how to manage them in a clinical pharmacy setting (Ajit)
  • Demonstrate understanding of post-vaccination documentation, patient counselling and management of reactogenic side effects
  • Appreciate common patient questions or objections frequently encountered in a community pharmacy setting.
  • Recognize opportunities in pharmacy practice to support patient education and vaccine clinical decision making
  • Implement vaccine specific tools, templates, and resources to support vaccination rates in the community pharmacy
  • Learn to optimize workspace layout to enhance workflow and productivity in the pharmacy and for offsite clinics
  • Gain the skills to determine appropriate staffing and inventory levels
  • Learn to integrate and use technology to streamline pharmacy operations
  • Learn proper handling and storage techniques to maintain the cold chain for temperature-sensitive medications.